Life-style Modifications for Weight Loss – Half 2

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Lifestyle Changes for Weight Loss - Part 2

Continuing on from my previous post on "Recent Lifestyle Changes for Weight Loss" which was more about Covid-19 and lifestyle changes related to the lockdown.

Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight

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Lifestyle Changes to Lose Weight I avoided Desi Ghee because of the misconception that it causes weight gain. I'm back at Desi Ghee, I hope to make my food tastier and lose more weight by using it. You can read about the benefits of Desi Ghee here.

Take 40-50 steps every half hour

This really isn't a lifestyle change for me. Because of my impatience I cannot sit for more than half an hour: P. However, when I am busy with work, I sometimes stick to my Lappi for hours. But now it's my concern to just take a few steps and get back to work!

Take stairs instead of lifting

I'm too lazy to take the stairs but not to use the treadmill in the gym. Lol, maybe because I paid for the gym;). Now I only use the lift when I'm loaded with shopping bags and have to climb three floors! Phew, so much hard work! πŸ˜‰

Keep my phone silent while I sleep

I'm still trying to change my late sleep habit. I'm out and out, a night owl. I know trying my best to change my habit is bad. However, I've started putting my phone in silent mode. Otherwise my WhatsApp hums and I wake up. I might be sleepy just to wake up, but my mind once asks, "Who could have hummed?" : P.

Sleeping 7-8 hours is a must for good health and weight loss.

Last I learned to say "NO", a big "NO" as you can see!

I had gone home for a week and was pressured (read tortured) to visit some relatives and neighbors (read aunts who are better detectives than Sherlock Holmes). They serve cold drinks or sweets or fries. Phew! Let me tell you how learning to say NO helped.


Auntie – Please have that cold drink

Tarun – No aunt, I just had tea

Aunt – So what, it's so hot. A cold drink will cool you down. See, you sweat so much.

(Mission failed)


Tarun (as soon as aunt gets up to get a cold drink) – Aunt, I don't drink a cold drink.

Aunt – Oooh. Juice (read canned juice)?

Tarun – With both hands in the air

Say no to weight loss

Aunt looks confused, I love the expression;). After a few seconds of serious thinking –

Aunt – Neebu Paani?

Tarun – Aaaah, now you're talking (in my mind). OK .. (in a low voice). But please no sugar

Aunt may faint with all nakharas now. But I don't mind πŸ˜›

(Mission accomplished)

See how it helps! I'm not going to put garbage in my body to please someone. If the person is a benefactor, they will understand. If not, I don't mind if they scold me on the back πŸ˜‰

Before I go let me know some quick lifestyle changes you've made for a healthier YOU.

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