Dramatic Transformation – eight Weeks for Abs and Muscle Our bodies

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Dramatic Transformation - 8 Weeks for Abs and Muscle Bodies

(Men's fitness)

Hi Guys. I'm back at IWB 🙂 This time, never to disappear again (Swear by Fitness 🙂). Regular followers of IWB would have read my posts before. This time, I brought you a fat loss program that I followed for two months to get rid of all that extra fat I put on in a few months due to some commitments as well as a shoulder injury. I cheated on my diet very often and also skipped training. But finally found a way. I will share all the details of what I followed to transform myself.

8 weeks of abs and muscular body

By God's grace, I never had any problems with my weight. I always looked like the picture below.Dramatic Transformation - 8 Weeks for Abs and Muscle Bodies (Fitness for Men)

abs transformation

But I've had a lot on my plate in the past few months. My fitness certifications, my shoulder injury, traveling and many other things. I couldn't take care of my diet or make it to the gym, so I looked like I do in the picture below on the left.

So I decided that now was enough and that I have to do something before it's too late. I'm a regular bodybuilding.com follower and they had a fitness celebrity program (my favorite) Craig Capurso. It's called Super Shred 30. It's a 30 day program. However, I was unable to fully follow this program. So I've adjusted this a bit to suit my schedule and budget. I doubled the time on Craig's program, but I was fine with it. So I was back, torn, muscular (pictured right)

dramatic abs transformation

India abs men transformation

Men dramatic abdominal muscle transformation

Components of my program –

The structure of my program is more or less inspired by Craig Capurso's Super 30. I mentioned these below

No, that doesn't mean low carb. I was never a fan of low carb. There are ways to use carbohydrates intelligently instead of avoiding them entirely.

Oh yeah, I use weight training for fat loss too. I don't like seeing a smaller version of Flabby Me just by losing weight and not improving my body composition.

This was the most important change I saw in the Super 30 program compared to the others. It's tough, but it helps you burn lots of fat while building muscle at the same time

Well, some people may like to argue. It's not good enough for losing fat. But hey, I always believe that all aspects of exercise and nutrition are important. Just as I don't believe in getting carbohydrates out of your diet, neither do I believe in not doing steady state cardio.

30 days of transformation

I will be writing separate posts for each of these posts as they can all work differently for different people and not all can be explained in this single post. My next post will come tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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