Why Sugar is an Evil; Know the info

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Why Sugar is an Evil; Know the facts

One addiction that is considered worse than drugs is sugar addiction. We see people arguing about why sugar makes us harmful, but while they know all of the harmful effects of sugar, they find it difficult to get out of it. Let's see why "sugar is an evil" for us, even more so if we want to lose weight!

  • Empty calories, no nutrients

Sugar has no nutrients at all! Why do we crave sweets and eat them? Some say "for energy" but I think it's just addicting our tongue and that's the culprit. We have a sweet tooth. Otherwise, why should we eat pastries or donuts?

For the second thought, let me say this is not true, our tongue is not the culprit. That brings me to point 2 to find out why!Sugar is an evil

Yes, you read it right. When we consume sugar, our brain releases dopamine, which gives us a feeling of joy or satisfaction. Neuroscientists have found that it can cause addiction. You can read the study here.

  • The conversion to fat causes disease

Sugar contains fructose and only the liver can metabolize fructose. Whenever fructose is underutilized, it is converted into fat. Fat in the liver causes various diseases.

Sugar causes insulin resistance. Insulin is secreted by the pancreas to direct glucose from the bloodstream to the cells. When the body resists insulin, the pancreas loses its ability to secrete the insulin it needs. This is how people become diabetics. It is known that fructose in sugar causes insulin resistance and therefore diabetes.

Sugar causes leptin resistance. Leptin is a hormone that signals the brain that we have eaten and we should stop eating now. When we eat more fat, more leptin is produced. That's why fat doesn't make us fat. If you haven't read why fat is good for us, read here. When our body resists leptin, the brain receives no signal that we should stop eating and we keep eating. Leptin resistance is one of the most important factors that cause obesity!

Sugar is like Mr. India. You may think I went crazy. I mean to say that sugar is invisible. It's found in many foods that we believe don't have added sugar. Pasta, noodles, french fries, carbonated drinks, juices, french fries, flavored yogurt are just a few of them!

I've known people who eat sweets to curb hunger, but I want to tell you that they do, even though they know that sugar does not curb hunger, it causes cravings and makes us hungrier.

If you want to lose weight, throw sugar out of your life! Your body will thank you.

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