My newest weight reduction way of life adjustments after the Lockdown Particular

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Heya everyone

Now that the lock is opening on my way to a healthy and healthy body, I've decided to change my lifestyle every 10 days so that I have enough time to adjust. Good habits are not easy to adopt for a person like me (reading – I'm a foodie and a lazy bum 😛).

So let's start with the simple lifestyle changes I made this week to help boost my weight loss.

  • Replaces refined oil with olive oil for cooking

Read the benefits of using olive oil here. Although I've always used good refined oil like saffola, it doesn't benefit us. In terms of cost, olive oil is expensive, but if you use nonstick cookware it won't hurt your pockets too much. In general, I've seen better bargains on olive oil in large supermarkets and online too. For families, you should never miss a deal like this. So, olive oil in, refined oil out. You can use coconut oil in cooking too, it's just as good.

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  • Replaced sugar with stevia

I don't have much sweet tooth, but I'm totally addicted to tea. I need my morning tea, otherwise I will feel doomed 😛

Tea and coffee lovers generally exaggerate sugar in their body. Sugar is the biggest devil in our meals. Please stay away from it unless you are low on sugar or have other medical problems. There are many artificial sweeteners on the market and I've used almost all of them. I switched to stevia sweetener because it is low in carbohydrates and contains no aspartame. The sweetener consists of stevia, a plant with naturally sweet leaves. So, stevia in, sugar out 🙂

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  • Raw vegetables before every meal

You may have understood that not all calories are created equal. I try my best to eat raw vegetables, about half an hour before each fruit or salad meal. Fiber helps digest food so that my meal is digested better. In addition, since I have eaten salad or fruit, I eat proportionally; the amount of food I eat is controlled.

  • No water after eating

When we drink water after eating, our digestive process slows down. So I started waiting at least half an hour after my meals to drink water.

Processed foods from my kitchen – yes you read it right. I removed all processed foods (reading – maggi, pasta, cookies, white bread, etc.) If they're in my kitchen, I tend to eat them at some point. Avoiding processed foods is a very important factor in managing your weight loss.

These five lifestyle changes –

  1. Olive oil instead of refined oil,

  2. Stevia instead of sugar,

  3. Raw food before meals,

  4. No water after meals,

  5. No processed foods.

My recent lifestyle changes to lose weight will stay with me forever and I don't think I would have a problem following them religiously even after the Covid-19 lockdown fully opened.

What changes did you make to be healthy? Share with us, because cooperation is the way to success 🙂

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